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You aren’t alone. There is a lot shifting right now and it affects how you work online and how you hire a team! You need to understand whether you are a service provider, looking to hire, or both.

Sometimes you just need to ask a question. I am here to answer your questions of course, but calls with me go beyond that. We will talk about protecting and maximizing your business, best practices, and all the things you need to run a LEGIT business.

Sometimes you just need a contract or a privacy policy. I have created the Get Legit™ Shop just for you. If you aren’t sure exactly which option is best for you….book a call with me and so I can help.

I am ready to keep my business legit!

Hi There! I’m Emily.

Yes, I am a lawyer….but I promise I am not one of those lawyers who charge by the minute, make you feel insecure about asking questions and don’t even understand online business.

I left my 10 year career to serve online business owners just like you! I have created content and products to help you as you start and grow. Join the hundreds of entrepreneurs who have gotten their business life right with my help. I am here for you!



“Emily was up front and honest about what legal services were necessary at this stage of my business and which I could go without. Then, she took it from there! She made the process easy and effortless on my part, while providing quality products customized to my needs. I loved the clear explanations that came along with each product, making it easy for me to finalize the legal docs and no longer worry about getting “caught” for not having the right stuff. Thanks, Emily!”

One Happy Client

Not only is Emily invested in you as a client, she’s passionate about what she does. She’s got years of experience under her belt. A talented and bright trial attorney as a former prosecutor. A real bulldog, but a heart of gold and great personality. She’s relatable, accessible, and down-to-earth. Highly recommend without hesitation.

-Anna Branff

“Emily is amazing and so approachable. She makes you feel completely taken care of and lifts the weight of figuring out biz-legality off your shoulders.”

-Lucy Cantley


Yelps ‘Racist Business’ Alert

Yelps ‘Racist Business’ Alert

Yelp has taken a broad step. Some praise the social activism, many wonder how this will impact affected businesses. The label first ask questions second approach yelp is taking is problematic. By Yelp’s statement is that the advisory will go up while Yelp is...

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