The Battles Bundle

Created for Brianna Battles students by Emily D. Baker, Esq.
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Created Just For You – By Attorney Emily D. Baker.


With over 15 years of experience, I have seen my fair share of things that go well and things that go really wrong. I created this package to empower you in your business! You’ve got this!!

This package includes;

Client Agreement – Lawyer created just for fitness professionals like you. ┬áNo more worrying about what you should provide or not, or if you should charge for a missed session or not. It’s all written out for you!

Video walkthrough– I walk you through the Client Agreement so if your client has any questions, you can answer them. You are empowered in your business by understanding the legal documents you are using.

Website Disclaimer – Make sure your website is legit by having this legal disclaimer just for fitness professionals. Put it in your footer and know that you have added one more layer of protection in your business.


Get Legit Foundations Course – This course breaks down the legal side of setting up your business into 15-minute lessons. The workbook guides you through all aspects of legal protection. This is a course that is not currently available but is made available exclusively to you as a student of Brianna Battles.


Peace of mind in the legal protection of your business is priceless!!


A $800 Bundle for $327

Updated in 2020 to cover virtual training
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