Independent Contractor Laws are confusing. I make it simple.



Who is working in your business and what your businesses primary function is.



What the rules are based on where you live and where your Independent Contractor lives.



To pay your IC’s or Employee’s properly so that your busienss still thrives.


How you want to move forward with your business and who you work with. 

Sometimes you just need to talk about it.

Book a 20 Minute Consultation

This call is perfect when you just need simple answers to a question. For in-depth questions and business strategy 45 minutes is a better fit, but if you just need some guidance and aren’t sure where to turn, this is the best option.


Book a 45 Minute Strategy Call

This call is just what you need to go over business structure, in-depth questions, and planning out your business protection. With every call, I make sure you walk away with answers and a plan and you get a thorough follow up plan.

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