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Emily D. Baker

Your Favorite Badass Lawyer

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The Emily Show is our place to break it all the way down. From news to pop culture I dive into the legal behind the stories. You can find the show on all your favorite podcast players! 


So Smart & Sassy
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Emily is so smart, has conversations that need to be had in a calm and cool way taking emotion out of it. She takes the law and breaks it down so that it can be understood by everyone. She’s amazing. Law Nerds Unite!


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Emily your content is brilliant. You bring logic and balance to the topics you cover. It is deeply appreciated by me. From the heavy stuff to the lighter topics. Keep up the great work and don’t ever change!

So informative and entertaining!
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Finally… A way for me to stay abreast of the legal “stuff” that affects my life and biz, in a language I can understand! Emily delivers timely, important information in an interesting, direct, and downright hilarious manner. I especially love that she shares the story and then makes sure to emphasize the LESSON and why it was important and worth sharing. Such a great listen!


Coronavirus, Business Interruptions and You

Coronavirus, Business Interruptions and You

You can’t get away from conversations about Corona Virus or as it’s formally called Covid-19, normally those conversations also quickly turn to ‘but why the toilet paper, does Corona Virus cause the shits? I thought it was the flu?’ I know you have had these conversations, I have had them too, either in the Get Legit Facebook Community…or in the moments I am out and about in my community.

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