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The Covid Lawsuits

When States started shutting down I knew there would be waves of COVID related lawsuits. Guess crystal ball is right, the first wave is here. We will see litigation over COVID for years to come. From Elon Musk to Employment law. the lawsuits are here.You can...

MLM’s, COVID and the FTC.

If you are on Facebook you have seen someone selling essential oils and sharing that it’s a great way to ‘boost your immune system against COVID’ or that ‘sanitizing your home with oils keeps your family safe while fighting COVID’ or that ‘now is a great time to...

Shit’s Weird Right Now

Yup… Shit is weird right now. From Animal Crossing and Tiger King, to Zoom bombings and sex parties… everything is weird, and it’s not going to get back to how we were before Covid. So we should start talking about the changes that we may see when this is all...

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I love the fact that this podcast is a mix of legitimate information with entertainment, humor and personality. A must-listen for business owners – the info is so valuable and the entertainment aspect makes it feel like a guilty pleasure!

Sam Munoz

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