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Rage over Rachel Hollis’ New Book

August 11, 2020

I have thoughts… I have made it pretty clear that I think Rachel Hollis is a fakey faker. Her brand of toxic positivity wrapped with curated authenticity just pisses me off. The announcement of her new book “Didn’t See that Coming” like a month and a half after she announced her divorce from Dave Hollis on Instagram just put me over the edge with it.

I am outraged and the unyielding monetizing of bullshit. Rachel Hollis made clear in her divorce announcement that their marriage had been struggling for the last three years….and during that time she has released books, coaching, marriage retreat weekends and podcasts on the topic of having an epic marriage. It’s all such bullshit. She posted on Instagram in May that her new book was into the publisher, seemingly days after she told Dave that their marriage was over. This despite the fact that in ‘Girl Wash Your Face’ she describes divorce as not an option, that anything can be solved with communication, sex toys, and making out. So she is fine selling this to her audience but not following the advice for herself.

All of it is overwhelmingly gross. She built an empire on marketing a life she wasn’t living. I am over this brand of BS influencer and I hope that everyone else is too.


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