Emily D Baker is everyone’s favorite legal commentator and the host of The Emily Show where she gives a fresh take on legal commentary in the news and pop culture stories you want to talk about. With her signature smarts, sass, and cursey words, you’ll laugh out loud as you learn how to think critically about the facts behind the headlines.

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Idaho College Murders
Donna Adelson
Rust Set Tragedy
Alex Murdaugh
karen read

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Quick Bits: Mistrial Declared In The Karen Read Trial

Karen Read's 10-week-long trial ends in a mistrial. I feel for the victim's family and the community in Canton because they don’t have answers or any sense of finality.It’s tough to move on when you’re waiting for another trial.There is a status conference...

Crimecon 2024: How Ethical Coverage In New Media Rises To The Top

I had the opportunity to be a speaker at CrimeCon 2024. I delve into the critical role that interactive communities, like my vibrant community of nearly a million Law Nerds, play in shaping a more informed and ethical public discourse around high-profile cases and...

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