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Alec Baldwin, Lies About the Search Warrant?

Today's Sponsor | Use Code LawNerd for 20% off + Free Shipping at https://www.Manscaped.com On December 16, 2021, the Santa Fe Sheriff’s obtained a search warrant for the cell phone of Alec Baldwin. The Search Warrant still hasn’t been executed and Baldwin is...

2021 Year in Review

Today’s SponsorsCerebral: 65% off your First Month at https://www. Cerebral.com/LawNerd  GreenChef:  Use code emilybaker130 to get 10 Free Meals including free shipping! https://www.GreenChef.com/EmilyBaker130  Let’s take a look back at 2021....

The Alec Baldwin Search Warrant

In this bonus episode I breakdown the Alec Baldwin Search Warrant. What have the police requested, what are they looking for and what comes next? Are you surprised that they are searching Alec Baldwin's phone??Get the Members Only ‘I Have Thoughts Podcast...

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