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Idaho College Murders
Donna Adelson
Rust Set Tragedy
Alex Murdaugh
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Hey, Law Nerd.

I Believe in Facts. Not Fuckery.

Hi. I am Emily. I have been a licensed attorney for over 17 years. I believe that law is a conversation. Breaking down the law behind the pop culture stories we all want to talk about is what I do. Come join the passionate community of law nerds around the internet having conversations about the facts without the fuckery.

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I am a badass lawyer who breaks down the legal side of the pop culture and news stories we are all talking about. This is legal commentary that helps you understand the law with humor, Cursey Words, and our own Law Nerds Dictionary.

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With her signature smarts, sass, and cursey words, you’ll laugh out loud as you learn how to think critically about the facts behind the headlines. Of course, it wouldn’t be The Emily Show if there weren’t some (okay many) stories from Emily's 10+ years as a LA County Deputy District Attorney.

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