Will Smith Resigns, Ghislaine Maxwell Loses.

Apr 6, 2022

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We are now over a week out of the Oscars and the fallout from Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on stage isn’t over. From what happened to what the potential legal consequences are it’s time to break it down. Plus, if you were wondering about the difference between Assault and Battery, legally, I’ve got you. 

If you’ve been following my coverage of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial you know that I was concerned about the motion for New Trial based on Juror 50’s failure to disclose his past experiences when directly asked on the questionnaire. However, the Judge found that Juror 50 testified credibly, that the failure to disclose was a mistake and not deliberate and that he was not biased against Maxwell and therefore would not have been struck for cause. For those reasons the Court denied the motion and reaffirmed that the sentencing will move forward. 


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