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Jen Shah and the dry contact defense

July 14, 2021

Real Housewife of Salt Lake City Jen Shah was shockingly arrested in March 2021 while Bravo cameras were rolling. It really was something. During her arraignment, we learned that the Government believes that Jen Shah was at the TOP of a telemarketing scheme. She was charged with Conspiracy to commit Wire Fraud and Conspiracy to commit Money Laundering. Shah’s attorney’s filed a substantial motion asking the court to dismiss the indictment and then asked the court to suppress all of Jen Shah’s post-arrest statements alleging, in part, that she couldn’t voluntarily waive her Miranda rights because her contacts were dry…I am not joking. The Government responded with quite a lot of facts that we hadn’t heard before including that Jen Shah was deposed in a substantial FTC lawsuit with regards to the same acts and companies well before she agreed to be a part of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

There is a lot of information here so get a snack and let’s get into it.



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