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The CDC guidelines for school to reopen.

The CDC guidelines for school to reopen.

I am sure you have seen the Meme on Facebook at this point… You know the one, it’s blue and starts with “here we go New CDC Guidlines for reopening schools” (sic). Since it’s release and moment of viral fame it’s since been marked as ‘partially untrue’ by Facebook and fact-checked by multiple sources….including me.  I knew that Facebook was cracking down on information that may be untrue but this meme is the first time I saw that in action. I am including below both versions of the meme to show how Facebook is alerting individuals to the fact that something had been fact-checked and determined to be false or partially false. 

Either way, the CDC released its Guidelines for schools, and people immediately reduced them into this crazy meme. However, the guidelines are just that, they aren’t rules or mandates. “These considerations are meant to supplement—not replace—any state, local, territorial, or tribal health and safety laws, rules, and regulations with which schools must comply.” emphasis in original. CDC Considerations for Schools, May 19, 2020. 

CDC Risk Assessments 

I thought it was helpful that the guidelines broke activities down by level of risk, and gave suggestions for schools to make the best of what they can do. The Centers for Disease Control suggested that for schools to reopen they needed to consider Lowest risk, Moderate risk, High risk and describes them as follows:

Lowest Risk: Students and teachers engage in virtual-only classes, activities, and events.

More Risk: Small, in-person classes, activities, and events. Groups of students stay together and with the same teacher throughout/across school days and groups do not mix. Students remain at least 6 feet apart and do not share objects (e.g., hybrid virtual and in-person class structures, or staggered/rotated scheduling to accommodate smaller class sizes).

Highest Risk: Full sized, in-person classes, activities, and events. Students are not spaced apart, share classroom materials or supplies, and mix between classes and activities.

I appreciate that the CDC went on to break down different situations and considerations because with everything COVID these situations will be determined on the local and school district level. Schools in large metropolitan areas have different considerations than more rural schools, private and religious schools may be able to make different accommodations than large public schools.  The discussion of how schools should and will reopen needs to happen sooner rather than later. Without clarity on what will be happening in the Fall for schools makes it very hard for parents and employers to make plans for moving forward.

Why schools reopening is critical for parents

I have felt trapped in that holding pattern as well, not knowing when our daily rhythm will resume, creating a new rhythm without school and after school activities. Though I suspect when school does resume it will look different. Bake-sales for one will be a thing of the past for quite a while, are you slightly relieved like I am….is that terrible to say. Also stricter regulations for when students and teachers must stay home when sick. For most schools it’s already 24 hours fever free but I think we will see stricter enforcement of those rules, which is tremendously difficult for working parents. 

With that being said accommodating the new rhythm of school employers will have to also understand and accommodate parents taking care of sick children. If your home is anything like mine then it goes something like this…one child is sick, you take time to care for said child, they recover and resume school, the other child gets ill, you take time to take care of  said child…and then you get ill as well and go to work sick because you have already taken so much time taking care of your kids.  Every flu season this is our life. Early in my career as a District Attorney as my husband was building his business I regularly was the one who took time off and it was a challenge. Now that I work from home I find myself balancing child care and working from my laptop which is also a challenge. 

For more on this topic the last few episodes of my Get Legit Law and Sh!t podcast break down everything from the societal shift needed to help parents, the college admissions scandal and more of the CDC guidelines for reopening schools.

Emily D. Baker, Esq.

Emily D. Baker, Esq.

Badass Lawyer for Online Business

Emily has been running business for 15 years and has ove 13 years of legal experience. She spent 10 years at the Los Angeles County District attorney's office where she truly learned to be a solopreneur. Emily has built her consulting and speaking business from the ground up, in her garage jamming out to 90's music. She specializes in no BS practical advice for the starting and scaling online entreprenur. Emily will tell you what the business gurus can't in a way that is both hillarious and empowering.

2019 Year in Review

2019 Year in Review

It’s time to take a look back. I love a good Year in Review. I mean even a Decade in Review, depending on if you believe the Decade runs 2010-2019 or 2011-2020…. It’s a controversy but I am not getting into it. Today is simply reviewing the year.

There is something I love about taking a bit of stock in what the year held, and what I am looking forward too. If you follow me around social you may know that I am a huge planner nerd. I love monthly, weekly and yearly planning. I love sitting down and plotting out the course. This also makes looking back a lot of fun, and a bit easier.

I broke down the year into a few categories because I like to code things….you should have seen the color-coded tabbed glory of my law school notes….if only Instagram had existed then. It was hardcore and amazing. 

Right, categories; Things I loved this year, Things that confused me this year, Things I let go of this year and my January Reset routine.

Things I loved this year, I covered a few more things in the January 1 episode of Get Legit Law & Sh!t, but here I am covering my Top 5 things that I loved this year.

  1. The Podcast – I know, it’s mine, but I love doing it. I have wanted to launch a podcast for quite a while and I am so glad that I finally did. It is one of my favorite things that I have ever done and I love connecting with you in this way too!
  2. Archery – While I had to take some time off when I had my knee surgery in May, Archery has been a highlight. In 2019 I really wanted to work more balance into my life, so that I had a hobby for me, time with my family, and time for my business. Archery helped me find balance with my life and within myself. It’s such a zen sport and I adore it.
  3. The iPhone 11ProMax – I really do love this new version of the iPhone. The camera is epic and that has made my life a lot easier, like A LOT. I do miss my massive Canon camera because it’s so beautiful, but it’s also super heavy.
  4. The Full Focus Planner– This year I switched planners and I have been so happy. I love my Erin Condren planners, they are so pretty… but I was getting too fussy about my pretty planner. With the Full Focus Planner I still really enjoy planning, but it’s so much easier for me to use on my planner on the day-to-day. The way that the planner is laid out plus the ease of use day-to-day is what makes this one of my favorite things of the year. 
  5. The Nintendo Switch – With how much I have traveled this year I have really enjoyed using the Nintendo Switch as my downtime and travel time entertainment. The games are beautiful…the system is easy to use, it travels like a dream and you can play it while it charges making long flights, not a problem. 

Things That Confused Me This Year

I made this a category because it isn’t negative, it’s not things I hated this year…it just is. There were a few things that I just didn’t understand.

  1. Canceled Culture – I may sound old with this, but I miss the day when people could disagree without needing to end the other person. It seems now that if someone says something unpopular, or even misinterpreted that they need to be destroyed. I just don’t get it, and frankly, it sucks. What happened to being able to make a mistake and then overcome it? 
  2. Drama- So I was part of the above problem because I was so taken in with the drama on YouTube. I was really about the Tea and I couldn’t stop. It was like watching the popular kids in High School fight, and I kinda loved it, and I kinda hated myself for loving it.
  3. Squirrels in my car– At the beginning of the year my friend had a squirrel infestation destroy her car. After multiple attempts to clear the car, including taking it down to the metal frame, the insurance company totaled it out and she had to get a new vehicle. I had never in my life heard of rodent infestations in cars. But when I started looking into it a bit I found numerous lawsuits regarding rodent infestations in vehicles and the fact that Honda, in particular, uses a soy wire cover in their cars that rodents find delicious! So yea…totally a thing. Who knew.

Things I let go of in 2019

I have found that as I am getting older I have stopped accumulating things and started letting more go. I used to worry about what other people thought and if I fit in. Somewhere around turning 40, I started worrying about how I was feeling, how I was showing up for my family, and not at all about other people’s thoughts. Here is the thing about other people’s opinions, they are entitled to them, and you can’t change them. Sure people can decide to change, but that’s on them. 

  1. Fucks – I let them all go. Because when you stop having fucks to give things get a bit easier don’t ya think. 
  2. Should-ing – aka doing shit I don’t want to do because I think I should. This is a total thing…. The number of times I found myself doing things because I felt ‘I should’… it was too much. So this year with the help of my life coach Valerie Friedlander I realized when I was doing things I wanted to do, and when I was doing things I thought I ‘should’. I realized that when I act out of obligation it sucks the joy out of things… I have started saying ‘Yes’ to the things I want to do and a big old fuck it to things I would only do because I ‘should’. Well, there is one exception…eating vegetables and doctor visits and stuff. Those are ‘shoulds’ but they are also good for me and If I am really being a woke adult, I say ‘YES’ to my wellness and it’s no longer a ‘should’. So if you are going to tell should to suck it, tell me on Instagram!!   
  3. Social Media – ok, most social media, on my phone. I removed most social media apps from my phone. If the content on the platform doesn’t make me feel connected and uplifted then it got deleted. Instagram is my favorite platform at the moment, so it’s the one on my phone and the one where I connect with you guys and my online tribe. For some people, that’s Facebook, for some twitter. For me removing everything but Instagram is a perfect balance. Also, I have taken to removing my work email from my phone when I am out of the office and it’s been incredible!
  4. Shopping Apps – Yup, I removed them from my phone. From Amazon to Zappos (no I won’t take that back, I stand by that A-Z reference). I keep a list when I feel like I just ‘need’ to order something, in my notes app. When I sit down at my computer weekly I place those orders. First, it cuts down on impulsive shopping, and Second, it forces me to see if I can make do with things I have. When I have access to shopping apps I end up purchasing things I already have because I haven’t checked and the thought that I ‘need’ a thing pops up I will just buy it. So this has helped with budgeting and reduced the clutter in my home all at once!
  5. Fucks – Did I mention that….just wanted to make sure it’s covered. 

January Reset

There are a few things I do every January to reset and get ready for the New Year. I love the time blocking dates on a calendar, January and September are my favorites. I love the New Year, I love back to school time.  So, of course, there is a ritual to getting the New Year started right.

  1. Year of Yes – This is one of my favorite books, and I love it most on Audible. Hearing Shonda Rhimes read her book is inspiring and humorous. It’s the best book for January and it sets the mood for a year empowered by choice. Remember don’t should, do yes!
  2. Plan – I like goal setting as much as anybody but we also set the direction for our family for the year. What do we want to do, what direction does our family want to go in, what are our values? It goes beyond just planning, and in the direction of lifestyle design.
  3. Journal & Meditate – As I am planning I journal and meditate to make sure that the direction I am running towards is aligned with me and my intuition. If you have never tried getting quiet with your thoughts and yourself you aren’t alone, but it’s something to add to your ritual for the new year.
  4. Movement & Diet – In January the Apple watch always runs a Ring in the New Year Challenge (ok, not always, they skipped last year but you get the point), it’s a week of hitting all three rings, Movement, Stand and Exercise. It’s the motivation and reward I enjoy to get the year going right. I also review what in my diet is serving me and what isn’t.

This year reevaluating these goals in June will give me a great 6-month checkpoint, and at that point, I will likely repeat the process (maybe with a different book, maybe not).

Hopefully, this inspired a little bit of your own new year ritual. If you share the things you loved this year or your January rituals share it with me! I would love to know! or, as always, Instagram

Emily D. Baker, Esq.

Emily D. Baker, Esq.

Badass Lawyer for Online Business

Emily has been running business for 15 years and has ove 13 years of legal experience. She spent 10 years at the Los Angeles County District attorney's office where she truly learned to be a solopreneur. Emily has built her consulting and speaking business from the ground up, in her garage jamming out to 90's music. She specializes in no BS practical advice for the starting and scaling online entreprenur. Emily will tell you what the business gurus can't in a way that is both hillarious and empowering.

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Trademark, Cocaine Santa & Santa’s Sack.

Trademark, Cocaine Santa & Santa’s Sack.

Santa Trademarks 

From Santa Poo to Cocaine Santa there is a Santa Trademark out there that may just make you laugh. In the Christmas episode of Get Legit Law & Sh!t I explore the hilarious world of Santa Trademarks. 

Ok, What are trademarks?

First, some of the Trademarks I discuss are applications for trademark and are not, yet, registered Trademarks…however, if you are here for a giggle I figured you wouldn’t mind. If you are looking for a better understanding of Trademark law, this is more of an overview.

Trademarks are meant to protect consumers. The goal is for a consumer buying a good to be able to identify the source of that item and to eliminate confusion over similar products. Take Coke and Pepsi. Both have various trademarks protecting the name and branding on their cans and bottles. You wouldn’t pick up a red and white can and be confused that it didn’t taste like Pepsi. You know it’s a Coke.  Speaking of coke…..

Cocaine Santa

I missed the moment that Cocaine Santa took the world by storm. I was unaware that this sweater (see image) was the number one seller on Amazon and that it was pulled from various online retailers…like Walmart. There are numerous news stories about the Cocaine Santa sweaters, and possibly the most coverage came from it being pulled from Walmart Canada’s website. I would love to know what you think of Cocaine Santa…so leave me a comment. That said, I can totally see why someone decided to trademark this. What I didn’t understand is why it’s trademarked for onesies? Maybe to just corner the market, or just round out that entire clothing registration category there. But I will be interested to see if next holiday season there are Cocaine Santa onesies….I guess there is a market for everything?

Santa Poo

From Cocaine Santa we have to talk about Santa Poo…at first I thought this was a toy of some kind, like that Unicorn Poo that’s everywhere in Target. I assumed some kind of Red, White and Green bearded Poo Emoji..or something like the image below which is what you will find if you google Santa Poo Emoji. But when I saw the complimentary Trademark filing I knew. The other Trademark is ‘Because even Santa has to go” I know it was the folks at  Poo~Pourri. Their ad campaigns are always clever, and the Tag line was so on-brand for them I knew it was a Santa  Poo~Pourri, but I hadn’t been able to find it in stores….next year I guess.

*Santa Poo Emoji from
* Santa Poo~Purri from their marketing material


Santa’s Sack

Those aren’t the only Trademarks that gave me a giggle while searching for Santa Trademarks. The wide variety of Santa Sack trademarks, some predictable, some not so much…was amazing.  I am only bummed that I couldn’t find the Santa’s Sack candle torch….but while searching for it I did come across a Santa’s Sweat Sack candle on Etsy and that counts for something. If only I could find the Santa’s Sack torch to light Santa’s Sweaty Sack with….but I digress. I can’t even begin to imagine what’s in Santa’s Suprise Sack….but maybe next Christmas it will be the toy to find.


Santa Slime

From Santa’s Sack, I slipped into the internet and found a wide variety of Santa Slime. While I couldn’t locate the product sold by the trademark registrant, Etsy is again the gift that keeps on giving. Etsy gives us Santa Slime, Santa’s Cloudy Slime, Santa Belly Slime and a bunch of other dirty sounding shit… a Santa Snowball. Look, if you have seen Clerk’s you know why this is funny. My biggest regret is that I don’t have anymore white elephant parties to attend, but next year everyone is getting Santa Belly Slime with a Santa’s Sweaty Sack candle.


I hope that wherever and whenever you find this post and this episode of Get Legit it brings you a little joy and a lot of laughs. I appreciate you and hope that you have a blessed and joyful holiday season however you celebrate….no judgment here! 


Emily D. Baker, Esq.

Emily D. Baker, Esq.

Badass Lawyer for Online Business

Emily has been running business for 15 years and has ove 13 years of legal experience. She spent 10 years at the Los Angeles County District attorney's office where she truly learned to be a solopreneur. Emily has built her consulting and speaking business from the ground up, in her garage jamming out to 90's music. She specializes in no BS practical advice for the starting and scaling online entreprenur. Emily will tell you what the business gurus can't in a way that is both hillarious and empowering.

Questions for Emily? Just Ask...

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