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LEGAL DISCLAIMER**, Ask Now, Inc. and information provides an online access to legal strategy, and information which helps customers identify potential legal problems, directs customers to appropriate legal resources and explain the legal process of commonly encountered issues. These resources are provided to empower you, but not represent you. and Ask Now, Inc is not a law firm and does not and will not perform services performed by an attorney. and the information provided herein is NOT a substitute for the advice of an attorney, If you need an attorney or if it was suggested you contact an attorney please do so because different areas of law have different statute of limitations which could limit your rights if you wait.  

Communications between you and are protected by our Privacy Policy but are not protected by any legal privilege, including the attorney-client privilege or work product doctrine.  Ask A Lawyer Now does not provide legal advice, does not draft or review documents, does not file lawsuits, or represent clients. for a specific entity, individual or situation.  strives to keep the information contained on the website current, accurate and up-to-date, we do not guarantee that all the information available at (including related domains and subdomains) (the “Sites’), or information provided in templates, products or articles obtained from, are current at all times or in all areas, because the law is constantly changing and varies among jurisdictions. Parts of provides general guidance and information we hope will be helpful to those of you who need guidance prior to contacting an attorney., Ask Now, Inc. and any affiliated attorneys do not guarantee the effectiveness of its services, products or any materials in any particular jurisdiction.  Therefore, in all cases, especially those that are particular or complex in nature, Ask Now, Inc. encourages you to seek the advice of a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction.

Nothing contained on the Sites or available through the products, materials, and services of Ask Now, Inc. is intended to form an attorney-client relationship. Your interaction with or Ask Now, Inc. in any capacity does not form such a relationship.

In addition, from time to time,, Ask Now, Inc. and any affiliated sites may introduce you to a licensed attorneys through various referral methods.  However, at no time is an attorney-client relationship fostered or created with Ask Now., Inc or any of its affiliated properties due to these complimentary services, for which Ask Now, Inc. does not take any fee or engage in any profit-sharing.  Whether or not you choose to pursue such referral or related legal services is entirely your decision and is provided by Ask Now, Inc. as a courtesy.

Ask Now, Inc. and it’s affiliated properties does not intend to create an attorney-client relationship and your use of, Ask A Lawyer Now.Info or any affiliated Sites, templates and other services, products and resources do not create an attorney-client relationship.

If you have any questions about the nature of Ask Now. Inc’s services or any of our terms or policies, please direct all questions to

** Though we may not be typical lawyers, we are still lawyers and must disclaim. We are here to help you, we do not represent you. Please read the above! **

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