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Going Viral … It’s been a year.

I can't believe it's been a year since I launched the Get Legit Law & Sh!t podcast. You have been with me as the show has grown and as I have grown. I have moved from Los Angeles to Middle Tennessee. In the last few weeks, everything has shifted as our community...

Drama & Defamation

Lawsuits, Beauty Gurus & Drama Channels...oh my. YouTube Beauty Guru/Celebrity Tati Westbrook is sued by a business partner and ten days later sues another YouTube channel for defamation.. The lawsuit documents interplay heavily and it is fascinating. You do have...

Rachel Hollis Sued.

Rachel Hollis, Dave Hollis and Hollis Co. are being sued for Trademark Infringement over ‘Made for More’.  With Rachel Hollis it’s not ‘wow she is getting sued’ it's more of ‘oh finally’. Rachel Hollis has a history of disregarding others intellectual property...

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I love the fact that this podcast is a mix of legitimate information with entertainment, humor and personality. A must-listen for business owners – the info is so valuable and the entertainment aspect makes it feel like a guilty pleasure!

Sam Munoz

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