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Was It All A Fraud? Elizabeth Holmes goes to trial.

From college dropout to Silicone Valley unicorn to federal fraud defendant. The most staggering things about the Elizabeth Holmes case are how long this alleged fraud was perpetrated and how she sold the dream all the way to the White House. Hundreds of millions were...

Nirvana sued over Nevermind Album art

The guy who was the baby on the Nirvana Nevermind album cover is now suing the band, band members, the estate of Curt Kobain, and others over the image. The Federal lawsuit filed on August 24, 2021, alleges that the image is an exploitative photo of a child (CP) and...

Explaining Internet Drama & Pop Culture Cases to Dr. B

I can’t believe it’s been 100 episodes of The Emily Show. I started the podcast before we new that the world would end up completely upside down. It has been such an amazing way to connect with you and share the law behind the stories we all want to talk about. In the...

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I love the fact that this podcast is a mix of legitimate information with entertainment, humor and personality. A must-listen for business owners – the info is so valuable and the entertainment aspect makes it feel like a guilty pleasure!

Sam Munoz

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